Offering up tasty and tantalising insights into the wonderful world of science.

A bit about me.. My name is Tilly. I’m a PhD Student at Imperial College London in the Department of Medicine.

I am truly inspired and amazed by the brilliant work that is being performed by countless dedicated and devoted scientists worldwide, who are committed to doing their bit to making the world a better place. I hope with this blog to share just a little slice of this work with you.

I hope that whilst you’re aimlessly scrolling (we are all guilty of it) you may come across this and give it a read. Whether it jazzes up your boring bus journey or whether it truly encourages you to dig deeper yourselves, I hope it will play a role in helping you make better, more informed, decisions about your life. Knowledge is power – cheesy I know – but the day-to-day choices you make can keep you rambling the road of optimal happiness, and, subsequently, living life to the full.

Stay tuned for the first instalment.

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