Why the concept of a “paleo” diet is virtually impossible in our modern day world

One of the most popular diet trends at the moment is known as the “paleo” diet. Paleo; stands for Paleolithic; an era 3.3 million years ago, a time of cavemen who had just managed to start using tools made from stone. The diet intends to include only foods that these prehistoric humans may have ate, […]

Why does binge drinking give you the munchies?

If you were to describe your typical night out binge drinking experience, 9 times out of 10 it will conclude with the grand finalé: the unashamedly wild and predatory ambushing of the chosen fast food joint. Whether it be a big mac with nugs, a greasy kebab or a killer dominoes pizza, the avid determination […]

“Addictive personalities”: can your genes get you hooked?

Being a student, I’ve seen for myself: most of us go out, have a good time, have more than a few drinks and maybe the more adventurous (or foolish) dabble in some of the harder substances. All in all, most of us will wake up the next morning, extremely hungover, but not obviously harmed and […]

Magic mushrooms – medicinal as well as mystical?

Maybe when you think of magic mushrooms, you may picture a stereotypical scene consisting of a haggle of “flower-power” hippies sat round a camp fire, away with the fairies. What is typically thought of as a bit of fun for the more adventurous and promiscuous in society, is now being seriously studied for the treatment […]

Fabulous fibre: a rock “salad” foundation for your diet

 We’ve all heard it countless times before: eat your 5 a day, swap the whites for the browns, fill your cupboards with whole-grains and, whilst we’ve at it, why not swap the crisps for a handful of nuts? But, despite the relentless tips put out in the media or splurged all over your newsfeed, less […]